New renders show how easily you might confuse the Pixel 6’s camera strip for an airport runway

The Google Pixel 6 has leaked so many times we’ve already lost count. We’ve seen what’s inside, what’s outside, what it’ll run, and when we’ll have it on our hands. It features a distinct design that’s radically different from previous Pixel phones, signaling it’s Google’s most premium smartphone in a good number of years. New press renders have now leaked, showing the phone from a few different angles.

The new press renders come from evleaks, and they depict both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in a couple of colorways from a few different angles. Given the extensive number of leaks and teasers, it’s hard to pick out anything new, but the renders do show a couple of angles we haven’t seen before, particularly focusing on the sides and the camera bump.

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In the case of the Pixel 6, the frame of the phone has a matte finish, while the Pixel 6 Pro features a glossier look. It was previously rumored that the Pixel 6 Pro would have a stainless steel frame, like what we’ve seen in Pro models of the iPhone, and would be quite heavy as a result. The glossy frame finish definitely looks like stainless steel, so that would align with past rumors. The Pixel 6, on the other hand, might ship instead with an aluminum frame, given the matte finish.

Image Gallery (5 Images)

Then, we have a better look at the camera bump and how far it sticks out of both models, confirming that they are definitely not phones you’ll be able to set flush on a table. This airstrip-looking camera is an absolute unit, and it sticks out really far from the otherwise fairly thin phones. The camera bump is not for nothing, though, as the Pixel 6 cameras are a remarkable improvement compared to the Pixel 5. Still, if you’re planning to buy one, you’ll probably want to get a case for it in order to offset this bump a little bit. You might risk damaging the cover glass.

Both smartphones are coming out on October 19th. We can’t think of anything else that could leak at this point, short of people starting to sell prototypes ahead of the announcement.