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  1. You live among us, your families, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters and sons live among us. There are 200 millions of us. Prepare to kill us all. Your families in the neighborhood with us.

  2. Sars officials intruded us while on our way to visit a few friends and they accused us of being criminals.After wards,they interrogated us seriously and asked us to send money or else they would take us to station.We only sent them the money out of fear.

  3. The peaceful protest which early this morning in Nyanya Maraba axis was disrupted by police officers wielding AKs and horsewhip. At one instance one of the office booted and hit one of the lady protesters with a wood. This impunity is on the increase on a daily.

  4. Hmmmm even with Nigeria flag and map. I think we should do deep thinking because dead youths can make no case. It will become unknown soldiers issues. Let’s not waste our children. Let reason prevail. The whole structure needs to change not even the government. The protest must be articulated to a dialogue forum.

  5. The Protesters’ Creed 1. We believe that except we take our stand in protest and demand a correction of the system, we would see no true change in Nigeria today and no future tomorrow. The government is not our enemy, we are simply against a system in government that has not worked or helped our nation and this cannot continue if we are to have a future in Nigeria. The situation calls for patriotic, strong, intelligent, united, focused, intense and sustained serious action, hence our stand 2. We have regard and respect for the other person next to us, as brothers and sisters. We all have our different pains and experiences, but the goal is the same, we simply want a better Nigeria with a bright and assured future for us and our children, a nation that rises to its full potentials and significantly impacts the world in a positive way 3. We are all Nigerians, we make no distinction with regards to tribe, region, religion, political affiliation or any of the other things that have been used to divide and rule Nigerians. Our allegiance is to Nigeria, and true change in the issues and the system, one prosperous nation under God. We guard our unity against infiltration of our ranks and uphold the unity, peace and progress of our nation 4. We promote No violence, no undue provocation, no vandalism and destruction of property. A peaceful and patriotic protest is what we hold 5. We march and catch our fun as youths, along with the great elders that support our cause, but realize that we are in a kind of “war”, a crucial struggle for the soul and future of our nation. We never get distracted from the issues and the cause. We realize this is no time for youths doing drugs or engaging in other things that can undermine our stand and the cause of obtaining positive change in the system. We leave no room for those who may seek to dismiss or discredit us 6. We are strategic in resolving that no one person or group of persons is the leader of this movement, it is driven by all of us, fueled by personality and performance but no position, and must remain so until we get results. That means the system we oppose cannot cut the head and kill the movement, because there are millions of heads, and you cannot cut or buy all of them 7. Our demands and the issues we raise are cogent and clear. We make reasonable demands coming from our collective pains and aspirations, as a people should do of their elected and authorised government, well framed and communicated, while we stand until we see that government responds and acts appropriately, with both immediate measures as well as long term arrangements 8. We remain law abiding but refuse to be subservient and held captive under a system or ruling class that will not itself be subject to the law of the land or be truly committed to our future and our collective yearnings 9. We are enlightened and pursue facts on the issues, engage intelligently and are prepared for work and the responsibilities of the future we desire, delivering inclusive and shared prosperity for men, women, youth, children and all our peoples. We profer solutions and not only make complaints, open to listening to the voice of reason, but we would not soften our resolve or back down on the issues until we see concrete action, commitment and provisions, now and in the long term, from the authorities 10. We dissociate ourselves from impostors, infiltrators, self-seeking and self-serving elements contrary to our goals and ideals, and all wolves in sheep clothing. We refuse to lend ourselves to opportunistic agents who would want to use us for their own agenda. We remain on course for true change and a better Nigeria of our dreams 11. We commit to truly being the change we want to see, to be better than our forebears and end the cycle of pain and failure for Nigeria, so help us God 12. We uphold the sacrifice of our heroes past and cherish the memories of every one who has fallen in the course of our stand or lost anything. We continue to stand and march, spurred by their sacrifice to do even more, and their sacrifice shall not be in vain. To this cause and to a better Nigeria we pledge our loyalty. We believe in Nigeria and the promise she holds! The Protesters’ Creed (written by Emmanuel Odoh, with inspiration from the comments of people in the #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality #EndBadGovernance movement – PSquare, BankyW, SeyiLaw and other celebrities, students, activists like Aisha Yesufu and all others – as well as Sarah Omakwu’s sermon, Timi Dakolo’s song and the Nigerian National Anthem/Pledge; a contribution to guiding protesters towards a sustained peaceful protest that commands lasting results and true change in Nigeria)

  6. Honestly, SARS is a big issue. But the government are the real blood suckers. They are evil. If up till this the, nothing is done, it means they don’t want it to end. People are dying everyday and just because it doesn’t affect them(children and relatives) they don’t care. They are gambling with peoples lives. The only thing those government are interested in is their own selfish interest. If this doesn’t end now, you don’t know who’s next. They have taken food out of peoples mouth, no job opportunity, and later accuse the youth of being lazy. This is the only country that the government care less about the citizen welfare. Poverty is a very big archievement, how can looking good be a crime? No security officials is stopping anyone on the street to ask what the source of their poverty is but their wealth? Anyways I wasn’t expecting less. The problem needs to be dealt with from the Grassroot. How do we expect change when the same people who has caused us pains are still the ones ruling us? The security system is not poor. Its a complete zero. They are meant to protect us but instead, they are destroying us. It hurts so much cause I have lost people that mean so much to me. It’s painful cause I will never ever get to see them again. This is it guys, let’s put an end to all these. Together we build a better nation. #Endbadgovernment #endpolicebrutality #endsars #endbuhari #buildanewnigeria

  7. This SARS are wicked. They made my brother to lose all he had and now he can’t afford to feed. SARS connived with my brothers boss then and take away his shop where he sells spare parts in Ladipo Lagos. Since then my brother has been struggling to survive not even a place to sleep now. He has sold all he has just to survive. Please .SARS and the wicked and selfish Leaders must END. From Catherine

  8. if they win we are doomed. We must fight on we will loose life but we will make a better life for our children. This is the generation that can save Nigeria. We must continue this protest. We cannot stop now or Fin by would have won, they will do the same thing over and over again. We are watching

  9. I was on my way to work. I work at the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike in Abia state, Nigeria. I was driving my mom’s car to work when the men of the SARS flagged me to stop just in front of the Ehimiri police station. They asked me to come down from the car and queried me about the ownership of the car, where I was going to and what I did for a living. I told them the car belonged to my mom and I was heading to work on essential duties at the University. In addition, I told them that asides going to work, I was also going to the University to collect a letter of introduction from the University Registrar to support my application for a study visa at one of the Embassies in abuja. I showed them my Work ID, admission letter for Masters, evidence of paying my fees and so on. Just in the process, some of my colleagues drove past, waving me and asking me hope all was well which, I responded in the affirmative hoping all was well. That one no even touch these men for mind or show them I was being truthful. They proceeded further to ask for the car papers which I provided. They also requested for the custom papers which I provided. Next, they asked how much the car cost and when it was purchased. I told them it was bought from a car stand in Lagos and it cost N1,620,000. They proceeded to tell me the name on the custom papers weren’t same as name of the owner. OMO, as I wan explain, one of them shouted that the car was stolen and I would rot in jail. Omo, fear catch me o. Na so them cork their gun, drag me for trouser across the tarred road into the police station and beckoned on a police officer to throw me inside the cell. I fear no be small o. I pleaded and told them to allow me call my boss at lest to let them know I won’t make it to work, just in case I ended up in the cell. They ceased the car keys from me and drove the car into the police station, damaging the bumper of the car. I didn’t even bother as I was worried for my life and the beatings I would receive inside the cell since it was going to be my first time ever. In that panic and confusion, I had quietly pleaded with the guy who I assumed wvs their leader that I was running out of time and needed to meet up with the University Registrar as my interview at the embassy was close. He told me to provide 100,000 naira else I would be in the cell while investigations on the “car theft” would be on. I pleaded and pleaded and he shouted that he would injure me. Na so I begin price them like say i dey price something for market. I offered them 5,000 naira, Na so the guy vex, threatened to disfigure my face. Gradually they came down to 50,000 naira. I still didn’t have it. Since we were now at the Police station in Ehimiri, I thought it wise to explain my plight to a Police woman who pleaded with them to collect 10,000 naira from me. Ah? In my mind, I was like, 10,000 naira from where naw? I don’t have any money o. They locked up the car and told me they would pernit me to go and source for cash and come and bail the car. The SARS leader said he was only considering me because his colleague (the Police woman) had pleaded and also because I had a letter to pick from the University. They further told me that if the car eventually slept at the station, that I would pay thru my nose and still be remanded for investigations when I finally return to bail it. My brothers and sisters, na so I comot police station, find POS agent, withdraw 10,000 naira, give these guys and also told them THANK YOU SIR on top. I collected my car keys and driving to the police station gate, na him one small officer blocked me to say before I drive pas, I will roger him. Na so I vex. In my mind, I was like, AFTER I SUFFER PAY 10k, I GO STILL PAY TO CROSS GATE? At the end, they told him to allow me go home. Na so I carry the car jeje go back house and didn’t go for the letter or to work for that day. #EndSARS.

  10. Sometime ago in 2016, I went to visit a friend at Rumuokwuta Portharcourt, Riverstate. Half way into her street i saw these men heavily armed and locking Scarry. I wanted to make a u-turn, but there eyes were fixed straight at me. So I summoned the courage to move on, knowing that I am innocent, had nothing on me save #100 and dressed in simplicity. This guys called to me and when I came they didn’t allow me to explain nothing, but started searching me, followed by slaps from front and behind. It got to an extend that they forced me into thier car, but I struggled with them even in the car while people were watching. They searched me and found nothing, and angrily pushed me down from thier car. While I was lying unconscious on the ground, the zoomed, turned to my direction and accelerated towards me, just few inches to climb me, while people were shouting. My brothers and sisters I had to wake up from my unconsciousness by fire by force and I smartly dived away from death, just like u watch in actions movies. The next thing I had was U for stay there nau make we kill you throwey I cry when I read news and sight pictures of my fellow youths, murdered, brutalized and molested by these conscienceles entities. But what bothers me the more is the fact that a government like ours will be aware of these ugly and inhumane development and they will keep silent because it didn’t affect thier children. They don’t understand the pains we feel loosing our loved ones in the bloody hands of this SARS But what

  11. On 26th of March 2018 my younger brother (Lawrence Abraham Attah) went missing in Jos, Plateau state. After the police station took money from us, they threatened to arrest me for seeking the whereabouts of my brother . The IPO for the case then was Rahilla of divisional headquarters Bukuru Jos. We suspected he was taken by SARS since 2018

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