Plant some vines, wash some barrels, and maybe learn a little in this popular indie winemaking sim

Hundred Days is a popular indie winemaking business simulator that’s found success across PC and Stadia. Today it lands on mobile as a premium release absent of any annoying advertisements or in-app purchases. You can snag a copy for $5.99, and trust me when I say this is a game created with love. A love of gaming, and more importantly, a love of winemaking, which is why this release is packed with realistic mechanics and impressive winemaking knowledge. Hundred Days is a unique game that suits mobile play thanks to a fresh UI that lends itself well to touchscreens. All around, this is an interesting release that should appeal to wine enthusiasts as well as casual gamers, so don’t miss out.

Above, you can watch the latest trailer for Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator. As you can see, this is indeed a business sim, where you’ll start out small with an eye on becoming a mover and shaker in the winemaking industry. There’s a story mode that mirrors a typical tycoon-game setup, plus there’s an endless mode for seasoned veterans. So no matter your skill level, there’s something here for everyone. Keep in mind the story mode is short, and some characters aren’t very likable. There also isn’t very much handholding when learning the ropes, so you will have to figure out a few things on your own, or you’ll have to look them up. In the end, this lack of handholding lends itself well to learning how to create good wine, which is also a challenging process that doesn’t offer any guarantees in real life. In total, the story mode should last players around three hours or so, with the endless mode offering precisely that, endless play.

As I mentioned, Hundred Days is a premium release, and so it retails for $5.99 for the complete package. Compared to the $24.99 price tag for the Steam version, the mobile port’s pricing is a steal. Sadly controllers are only partially supported, so you will have to use the touchscreen for most things. An achievement system is in the mix, and you can even adjust the graphical settings for better support for low-end devices. I recommend playing on a tablet, but a phone is perfectly usable in a pinch, thanks to the adjustable UI size in the game’s settings.

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So if all of this sounds good to you, then you can purchase a copy of Hundred Days – Winemaking Simulator through the Play Store widget below.

Hundred Days
Developer: Pixmain

Price: 5.99