Tile teases super-precise Apple AirTag competitor as it launches next-gen Bluetooth trackers

Tile, a longtime maker of consumer-grade Bluetooth tracking tags, is pushing updates to its product line, improving the reception, chirpers, and designs for its 2022 Sticker, Mate, Slim, and Pro. It’s also teasing a new tracker with extreme accuracy thanks to ultra-wideband radios.

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The button-esque Tile Sticker, introduced in 2019 as the company’s smallest tracker yet, stays small, but boosts its range by 67% to 250 feet, and gets a louder beeper. Other than that, it will still attach to any clean, flat surface through rain and snow — this time being certified IP67 — for as long as its 3-year, non-replaceable battery can hold out. A pack of two will go for $55 while four will cost $98.

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The Tile Mate, square-shaped and friendly to lanyards and keychains, also gets a range boost to 250 feet, a louder chirp, and a new QR code imprint — owners can fill in their contact information online so that, if their item becomes lost, finders can scan the code and get in touch with them.

Surprisingly, we also see a switch in batteries — it, too, will have a 3-year, non-replaceable battery. No change to the IP67 rating, though. Get one in black or white for $25, two for $48, and four for $70.

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The card-esque Tile Slim for wallets and other large surfaces gains volume, a 250-foot range, the QR code, and, for the first time, an IP67 rating; it keeps the 3-year battery. One of these will be $35 while a pair costs $60.

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The Tile Pro undergoes the biggest cosmetic change of the four to resemble something like a keyfob instead of an actual tile, making it more of a fit with some keys. Its range of 400 feet remains the best of the quartet. The battery only lasts a year, but is user-replaceable. Available in black or white, they’re $35 apiece, $60 for two, and $100 for four.

Tile’s 2022 series of tags are available to buy right now from the company itself, including in various combination bundles. Third-party retailers will have stock sooner or later.

Not pictured here, but promised for early next year is the Tile Ultra which will introduce ultra-wideband radios (in this instance, not necessarily in millimeter wave spectrum as you may have associated with Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband marketing) that will allow users to Point and Locate their tag with the help of augmented reality navigation through their smartphone’s camera. The Ultra will join Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag+ and Apple’s AirTags in utilizing UWB.

The company says it is working with Google to optimize the experience for Android 12 devices with Ultra-Wideband capabilities, but Tile Ultra will be compatible with iOS devices as well. No word yet on pricing.

Tile says it has been the beneficiary of increased competition with first-half sales up 50% from last year.