Twitter just fixed the most annoying thing about its dark mode

As an occasional infomercial viewer, I’ve always connected with Ron Popeil touting the Ronco Showtime rotisserie oven with his tagline, “Set it and Forget It!” Of course, there’s plenty of stuff these days where we can set once and then forget about it and one of those things is setting up a dark mode. For Android users, Twitter has long had a dark theme, but it lagged behind many other apps in not having a mode that follows your system’s theme — just automatic triggers at sunset and sunrise.

But that all changes starting today as Twitter has announced dark mode support for following system settings.

If you’ve got a custom schedule for turning on your system’s light and dark modes or just like to turn them on and off willy-nilly, now Twitter will be able to follow through. The “Use device settings” selection replaces the previously-shown “Automatic at sunet” item. If you need help getting there, tap your avatar on the top-right corner and then hit the lightbulb icon at the bottom. It may not be there yet, so have some patience.

Twitter already has two dark themes: a dim mode and “lights out” for maximum energy savings on OLED screens. This kind of automation, though, is a nice if overdue quality-of-life upgrade.