Your Google Photos Memories will soon show up on your Nest Hub

Google Photos is an amazing service to have. Even though free storage is not a thing anymore for most users, it’s still great if you want to keep memories in the cloud and be able to revisit them at any time. Starting last year, Google has put a lot more focus on Memories, adding them to the forefront of Photos, making them more immersive, and giving you more control over them. And soon, they won’t necessarily be limited to your smartphone anymore, either. If you have a Google Nest Hub, you’ll be able to see and access Memories on it.

The change was announced in the Google Nest blog alongside a handful of other news for more devices in the Google ecosystem. Basically, once you enable the feature, your Nest Hub’s “Your day” tab will occasionally show you Google Photos Memories so you can revisit your past days quickly while you’re seeing the weather, traffic conditions, and more.

It’s not clear yet whether these will look similar to the Memories you can see on your smartphone at the top of Photos or not, as Google is only advertising that it’ll let you “view moments from the past while you go about your day.” It should show up as a tile alongside other elements in the “Your day” tab.

While we haven’t managed to spot Memories on the Nest Hub yet, we did manage to see the corresponding setting in Google Photos to enable it. Memories might have just started rolling out as a server-side update, meaning that some users already see it while others don’t. If you want to increase your chances, make sure your Nest Hub is running the latest firmware, and your Google Photos and Home apps are fully up to date.

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