YouTube Music loves reminding you how much better everyone else’s taste is

Competition in the music streaming space is heated, and while YouTube Music is not the strongest platform out there in terms of user base, it has actually come a long way since it was announced as a replacement to Google Play Music in 2018 and is mostly right there with competitors like Spotify and Apple Music. Just like other platforms, YouTube Music allows you to create and share playlists with other people. Now, those playlists are getting a more prominent home.

User reports have started pouring in from Reddit (via 9to5Google) talking about a new “From the Community” section in the app’s home page. It was first reported by user /u/PGodwine, and others quickly chimed in, saying they’re seeing it as well. The “From the Community” section seems to pull its content from your YouTube Music listening history, using it to know what you might like in a playlist and find community-created ones that could be a good fit. Think of it like what YouTube Music already does with Featured playlist recommendations on your home screen, except now it’s going to do it with community-created playlists, too.

Community-created playlists aren’t new, but Google seems to want to make them more prominent. You’ll be able to find new music that you’ll actually like and that might not be available in one of the manually curated Featured playlists. And who knows — maybe a public playlist you made will get recommended to someone as well, and they’ll either like you for your music taste or heavily judge you.

Right now, it’s rolling out to a number of users, although it might be a while before it reaches your device since it seems to be a server-side A/B test, at least right now. You should start seeing it on your device in the next few weeks. If you want to increase your chances, though, make sure your YouTube Music app is updated on the Google Play Store.

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